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18 tips to reduce robocalls and protect yourself from scams

 | by Teresa Murray
Consumer Watchdog

The good news: Illegal robocalls seem to be declining a bit. The bad news: They'll probably never go away completely. Consumers need to remain vigilant to protect their personal information and their money. 


Old CFPB home page 2011
 | by
Ed Mierzwinski
Senior Director, Federal Consumer Program

The CFPB has asked BigTech giants including Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google, PayPal, and Square to answer questions about their payment system practices. The CFPB has also asked consumers, small businesses and others for comments (including complaints), which are due on December 6. Learn more.

Graphic from the Internet Archive Wayback Machine's first crawl of the new CFPB's new website, February 8, 2011.

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